We are Over The sun


To inspire, tear down walls and make a difference. To bring joy, thought and to make music. This is the meaning of Over The Sun. Over The Sun is a band from Plainfield, IL. Playing and writing all original music inspired by the 80’s, 90's and 2000s Alternative Rock decades. The band consists of lead singer Joe Brunker, guitarist Nick Stubblefield, bassist Colin MacKenzie, and drummer Christopher Marszalek. Nick and Chris starting playing music together in 2008. Nothing became of them until they met lead singer Joe Brunker. After a few years of playing music together the group decided to become a band and make an album. So with 350 dollars and a month to write, record, distribute, and play their debut show Over The Sun came into existence. The band's first EP dropped in August of 2014. The Self-titled, Over The Sun EP, was… interesting. The band was experimenting with different styles, genres, and lyrics. After a year of constructive criticism The Real One was released. That EP has been in the making for several months and had a much more cooperative budget. The Real One is a heavy starting and peaceful ending story. With shows at The House Of Blues Chicago, Q bar & grill and countless bars and coffee shops under their belts, OTS is taking their LIVE performance to the next level.

 The dream for Over The Sun is what most would call cliché, but they describe it as a call to action…

Change The World.


Vocals / Joe Brunker
Guitar / Nick Stubblefield
Bass / Colin MacKenzie
Drums / Christopher Marszalek